Creative Decorative Lights - Lamp Cover Type And Brand Introduction Of Fabric Table Lights

Creative Decorative Lights – Lamp Cover Type And Brand Introduction Of Fabric Table Lights

In today’s society, home decoration has been paid attention to, in the home decoration, people will like to buy the best decorative lights to dress up our family environment.

Fabric table lamp as a creative decorative lights in the home decoration use is very high, for example, many families will be placed at the end of the bed cloth table lamp, to play the role of lighting, can also be used as decorative lights to play a decorative role. The following small editor to give you a specific point of knowledge related to the fabric table lamp, including the fabric table lamp lamp cover production, home bedside fabric small table lamp and how to make cloth table lamp.

Creative Decorative Lights - Lamp Cover Type And Brand Introduction Of Fabric Table Lights

I. Fabric table lamp cover production

The fabric lamp is usually paired with a suitable lamp cover, which not only plays the role of easing the light, but also has a certain decorative character.Fabric table lamp is a kind of creative decorative lights by everyone’s favorite, then, as for the fabric table lamp lamp cover production, need to refer to a variety of content, specific as follows:

1, square lamp cover
(1) Prepare wire, white tulle, brush, pigment, needle, scissors, etc. (2) Design the shape of the lampshade, which can be rectangular or square.After the design of the wire into a square body, or box, length and angle to do a good job, otherwise it will be skewed.

(3) Cut the cloth into two parts, that is, the lamp shade is surrounded by a rectangular cloth, the top of a square cloth.
Then draw pictures on the cloth separately, it is best not to draw too complex, a few pens will be more indicative.

(4) will be well-drawn cloth sewn, set in the wire made of the lamp cover frame, corner with needle wire to sew the edge can be.

2, round lamp cover

(1) Prepare wire, cloth, glue, scissors, needles, etc., and then look for two circle-shaped solids of the same size. If there is a waste trash can in the house, you can use this to cut two circles out.
Can’t find it can only be done with wire, but the roundness may not be good.

(2) The cloth of the circular lampshade is recommended to choose a thick, more complex pattern of cloth, can also be drawn on its own.
Also cropped into two parts, the top of the circle and the rectangle around.

(3) The lamp holder of the circular lamp cover is to connect the two circles with wire to make a cylindrical shape.
You can find a smaller cylindrical object, put the circle on it, and slowly adjust the wire.

(4) After doing it well, put the cloth on the lamp cover rack and secure them with glue and needles.

3, Umbrella lamp shade

(1) The material to be prepared for the umbrella lampshade is about the same as the first two, but the wire is more prepared.
In addition, prepare can be pendant beads, sequins and artificial crystals.

(2) First use wire to make a lamp frame, first make a small circle, and then a large circle. If you don’t do it well with wire, cut one from the can sands and the old trash can. As if to be cylindrical, the two circles are connected by wire, as if they were spelled out by several trapezoids.The umbrella has at least six faces.

(3) After the lamp cover is done, according to the ladder size of the lamp cover frame to cut the cloth, and then a piece of stick, and with the needle reinforcement.This process is slow, in order to aesthetics must pay attention to details.

(4) After the lamp cover is sewn, the decorative pendant is sewn on the edge of the lamp shade, and a gorgeous umbrella lamp shade is done.

Creative Decorative Lights - Lamp Cover Type And Brand Introduction Of Fabric Table Lights

III. How to clean the fabric lamp?

Home decorative lights in use for a period of time will inevitably be contaminated with all kinds of dust, stains, at this time need to clean it, make it re-glow.

As for how the cloth table lamp is dirty how to clean, the specific method is as follows: First of all, the lamp shade of the fabric lamp should be regularly vacuumed. If you can do it once a week it’s best, because after a long time, dust is not good to remove.

When using the vacuum cleaner, do not use suction brush, in order to prevent the destruction of the textile thread on the fabric and make the cloth become fluffy, but also pay attention not to use extra large suction force to suck, as this will cause the wire to be torn off, you may wish to use a small vacuum cleaner to clean.

However, light vacuum ingress is not enough, but also need to be cleaned regularly, after all, vacuuming can not completely remove the dust in the lampcover cloth tissue. Pour the detergent or furniture-specific detergent over the rag and rub the edges to replace the position of the rag. If the inside of the lamp cover is paper material, avoid using detergent directly to prevent it from breaking.

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