Decorative Lights - Introduction to Halogen Lamps

Decorative Lights – Introduction to Halogen Lamps

Halogen lamp as a creative decorative lights, do you know anything about it? What is a halogen lamp? Halogen lamps, also known as tungsten halogen bulbs and quartz bulbs, are a variant of incandescent lamps. So what is the difference between halogen and led lamps? What color is halogen lamps?The next content of the small editor will be detailed for you to introduce the best decorative lights of the halogen lamp content.

Decorative Lights - Introduction to Halogen Lamps

I. What is a halogen lamp Halogen lamps are named halogen lamps because they are injected into bulbs with halogen gases such as iodine or bromine.

Halogen lamps are usually supplied with AC 220V and DC 12V and 24V.
Halogen lamps work by:When the filament heats, the tungsten atom evaporates and moves in the direction of the glass pipe wall, and when approaching the glass pipe wall, the tungsten vapor is cooled to about 800 degrees C and combined with the halogen atom to form tungsten brinized (tungsten iodized or tungsten bromide). After that, tungsten halogenated continues to move towards the center of the glass tube and returns to the oxidized filament.

Because tungsten halogenised is a very unstable compound, it is re-decomposed into halogen vapor and tungsten after heat, so tungsten is deposited on the filament to compensate for the evaporated part. It is precisely because of this special regeneration cycle process, so the life of the filament will be extended, almost four times the life of the incandescent filament.
At the same time, because filaments can operate at higher temperatures, they have higher brightness, higher color temperature and higher luminous efficiency.

II What color is halogen lamps?

Halogen lamp color red, where halogen light blue and red components than ordinary white light more, relative to the green light components less, so its light color will be red. Gas discharge halogen lamp color temperature can be as high as 5000, and the lamp ribbon halogen cycle of about 2700. In general, the light with high color temperature is blue, while the light with low color temperature is red. However, in practice, the color temperature is not the higher the better, generally controlled between 5000K to 7000K can be, mainly according to their actual needs to choose. General lymgen lamp color temperature in 6500K can be, and gold halogen lamp color temperature in 6000K or more.

The halogen lamp with 3400k color temperature is yellowish, so the lighting effect is not too good. Halogen lamps are generally used in situations where concentrated irradiation is required, and it is the best decorative lights.

Examples include CNC machine tools, rolling mills, lathes, turning centers and metalworking machinery, automotive headlights, as well as homes, offices, offices and other public places.

Decorative Lights - Introduction to Halogen Lamps

III Halogen and led lights

1, the principle of light-emitting is different

(1) halogen lamp: mainly using tungsten wire light;

(2) led light: the use of light-emitting diode light-emitting.

2, energy consumption is different

(1) halogen lamp: the largest energy consumption, the car generally used 55W;

(2) led light: generally used about 20W.

3, different brightness

(1) halogen lamp: the lowest brightness, 55W for more than 1000 lumen;

(2) led light: 20W can reach 3000-4000 lumens.

4, different service life

(1) halogen lamp: service life of about 500 hours;

(2) led light: the theory can reach about 50000 hours.

5, color temperature difference

(1) halogen lamp: color temperature of about 2700K, yellow light;

(2) led light: color temperature is 4300K or 6000K.

6, penetration is different

(1) halogen lamp: halogen lamp exposure range is small, but strong penetration;
(2) led light: led light exposure range is wide, but penetration is not strong.

The above is a small editor to introduce the best decorative lights related content, I hope you like.

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