Decorative Lights - Introduction To The Types And Installation Of Corridor Lights

Decorative Lights – Introduction To The Types And Installation Of Corridor Lights

It is very common to install the best decorative lights in the corridor, especially in large spaces such as hotels, if you do not install lamps in the corridor, it will be dark and our travel will be affected. Corridor lights in addition to can play the role of lighting, but also as decorative lights play a decorative effect.There are many lamps on the market that can be installed in corridors, what is the right way to install a hallway lamp?

I. What is the right place for corridor lamps

1, ceiling lamp

The ceiling lamps are arranged in the corridor according to the separation of the structural beams, which is often used in engineering design. The ceiling lamp is equipped with dust washers and has a good sealing performance.It avoids the entry of small moths into the lampshade and is suitable for areas with more dust and mosquitoes in the outer corridor.

Decorative Lights - Introduction To The Types And Installation Of Corridor Lights

2, lamp curtain wall design

This is a creative decorative lights, the aisle lighting design using the light curtain wall is also a common way, the light curtain wall refers to the use of embedded light belt or when LED curtain wall installation, so that the entire wall or ceiling of the home is evenly light color, so that the home appears more warm and comfortable,But this kind of lighting design for the overall lighting layout and design of the home is high.

3, box fluorescent lamp

Installing box-type fluorescent lamps in corridors, there will be high illumination, suitable for office, scientific research, teaching buildings in the inner corridor (the outer corridor should be used in closed dust type), to create a bright and efficient lighting environment.The use of coefficient method can be easily calculated in the corridor and stairwell of the average illumination.

4, spotlight

Spotlight is a typical lamp with no main lamp, no fixed scale lamp. If you combine a row of small spotlights, the light can be transformed into a wonderful pattern, and the spotlight can be placed around the ceiling or in the upper part of the furniture.It can also be placed inside walls, in skirts or in kicklines.

5, Downlights

Embedded light source generally uses warm-tone small power energy-saving lamp.Used to create a warm, peaceful or romantic atmosphere, convenient and the overall function of the building in harmony, installation in the corridor when the effect is also good.

Decorative Lights - Introduction To The Types And Installation Of Corridor Lights

II.What to note when installing lamps:

The home life after the installation of wall lights will appear more romantic warmth, but the beauty of things and its location has a great relationship, when installing the aisle wall lights, as far as possible to control the height of 2.2-2.6 meters or so will be more appropriate.This height is also very suitable for its purpose, installed in the aisle, then its light range must be wide, improve the height of the aisle wall lamp, can appropriately increase its light range.

1, in the masonry structure installation of lighting fixtures, can be pre-buried hooks, bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs fixed, prohibit the use of wooden wedges, for the design of no regulations, the carrying capacity of the fixed parts should match the weight of electrical lighting.

2, how to luminaire power into the line head, electrical contact is bad, can be wrapped with vinyl cloth, and then save a certain distance, you can try not to weigh the wire head placed under the same metal sheet, to avoid short circuit danger.

3, for the risk of greater or more dangerous places, if the lamp from the ground height is less than 2.4 meters, you can use the rated voltage of 36 volts and below lighting, in the substation, high-voltage, low-voltage power distribution equipment and the bus above the bus, should not be installed lamps.

Outdoor installation of decorative lights, to the ground height should not be less than 3 meters, if the wall installation, from the ground height should not be less than 2.5 meters.

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