How Should I Choose A Crystal Ceiling Decorative Lights?

How Should I Choose A Crystal Ceiling Decorative Lights?

Crystal ceiling lamp is a popular decorative lights today. It is more exquisite and beautiful in appearance. It can make the space decoration more beautiful and elegant. Compared with the traditional crystal lamp ceiling, it looks simpler and more rich. The current aesthetic approach. How to choose the best decorative lights?

How Should I Choose A Crystal Ceiling Decorative Lights?

I.Which brand of crystal ceiling lamp is good?

1, Jin Fanta

Zhongshan Weiqi Lighting Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and sales of new LED lighting products. It is located on the 5th floor of No.43, Meiliwei Industrial Zone, Gangdong Town, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It has a total area of ​​nearly 1,500 square meters and has 3C certification. Patent. At the same time, Jinyin brand has entered the market strongly in the e-commerce channel and the sales channel of the store. It is the glorious mission of “Golden Magic” to let Jinxuan LED lighting enter into thousands of homes.

2, the top age

The lamps of the Shangpin era are mainly European-style chandeliers. The lamps are simple in design but stylish, low-key but luxurious, so they are widely used in home decoration. This unique design style is a great embellishment for the European style.


The design style of Osseros’s lamps is very unique and novel, and it can reflect an elegant and noble temperament. It mainly produces and sells elegant and luxurious high-end lamps such as crystal lamps, European lamps and copper lamps. Its products are sold to many countries and regions at home and abroad, and are favored by consumers.

How Should I Choose A Crystal Ceiling Decorative Lights?

II.Crystal ceiling lamp purchase considerations

1, the choice of light source

The light source is an important part of the crystal ceiling lamp. Nowadays, all the people are LED light source era, LED light source is inevitably the first choice for crystal ceiling lamp. But we know that LED light source also has a variety of choices, high light efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, color dimming, and today’s intelligent lighting source. So before we choose the crystal ceiling lamp, we must confirm which light source is the most needed for us. This is very important and has great application value. It is very important to buy the best decorative lights.

2, the size of the size

The main considerations for the size of crystal ceiling lamps are the final use of the lamps. For example, living room lamps with a diameter of 15-20 square meters, and more space for more than 20 square meters. It should be purchased according to the designer’s recommended size, otherwise too large or too small will affect the decorative effect. So to have a good decorative effect, you need to buy creative decorative lights.

3, power

There are many lamps in the domestic market of 100W or more and even 200W or more. Home lighting is mainly lighting and decoration. If the power is too large, it is neither environmentally friendly nor safe. According to reports from well-known optical research institutions abroad, although LED is a good invention of the times, it is extremely easy for a long time in the environment of strong light and high power. Damage to your health and vision. Therefore, the life of the art lamp suggests that the best home lighting should be 100W or less.

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