How To Install Cabinet Lights As Creative Decorative Lights?

How To Install Cabinet Lights As Creative Decorative Lights?

Creative decorative lights are indispensable in our home life, decorative lights play a role in lighting can also play a decorative effect.
Ambry lamp, as its name suggests, is a creative decorative lights installed in the cabinet to meet the higher requirements of the lighting effect. Below small make up to tell us specifically about the relevant knowledge, mainly including cabinet lamp with installation method, cabinet lamp with dark wire installation and cabinet lamp installation with socket.

How To Install Cabinet Lights As Creative Decorative Lights?

I.Installation method of cabinet lamp belt
To make ambry more bright, many owners choose to install the lamp on ambry when decorating. Only after understanding the installation method of cabinet lamp belt, relevant personnel can operate correctly and ensure better lighting effect.

1.Locate the line
Before installing ambry lamp to take, should mark the line of height with indoor unified requirement first, according to the standard requirement of design construction drawing will decide the installation position that the lamp takes, want to ensure height is appropriate, cannot affect the installation of ambry.

2.Install the framework
For the installation of frame, wall cabinet and hanging cabinet, it is recommended to finish before plastering. After fixing the position, two nails should be nailed between the frame and the wall. Nails should be hidden and not exposed.

3.Reasonable drilling
If their fixed wall is a lightweight partition wall, can be fixed according to the structural design. If the design of the lamp belt is not limited, the size of the borehole should be between 70-100mm, and the installation of the cabinet should be carried out after the solidification of the interface agent.

4.Install the light belt
After the frame is fixed, the lamp belt can be installed. Please pay attention to choose the appropriate size of the lamp belt, so as to ensure a good effect after installation.

How To Install Cabinet Lights As Creative Decorative Lights?

II.Cabinet lamp with dark wire installation
The normal use of the lamp belt must be electrified, and this involves a variety of wire lines. As to ambry lamp belt dark wire is installed, this affects the use of lamp belt and security, relevant personnel must want to master the content of this respect.

Before installing ambry, the proposal plans the line of light of condole ark bottom ahead of schedule. Condole ark bottom also can reserve the groove of installation bottom light, use conceal the accessory such as transformer, the proposal buys best adornment light, the installation effect that comes out after such meeting is more beautiful a few.

In addition, relevant personnel should master the skills of installing cabinet lamp belt, the details are as follows:

1, when installing ambry lamp to take, use in order to go to the lavatory in the future, might as well design ambry floodlight to be able to adjust lamp to take. This way, usually good weather will not have to adjust the lights so bright; When the weather is dim, you can turn up the lights a little bit.

2.The color and effect of the lamp can be designed according to the decoration style of the kitchen.

3, the floodlight that does not suggest to install independence commonly among the kitchen, can install the floodlight of mutiple level, can make whole kitchen more fashionable so, can design different color on illuminant at the same time.

4, the position before ambry can install incandescent lamp or it is fluorescent lamp, also can install a few small shoot the lamp, can illume not only so, and also convenient people is taken take thing.

The above is small make up to introduce the relevant knowledge of the cabinet lamp in the creative decorative lights, I hope the above content can be helpful when you buy the best decorative lights.
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