Introduce You To The Knowledge Of Antique Table Lights As Decorative Lights

Introduce You To The Knowledge Of Antique Table Lights As Decorative Lights

Green antique table lamp this kind of decorative lights, now appears in the table lamp less, after all, now young people are pursuing fashion, generally use a variety of colors rich, and fashionable antique lamps.

Green antique table lamp it as a creative decorative lights, so the traditional taste heavy green antique table lamp, its overall decorative is very general.But in some decoration style to choose green table lamp is also very good, such as pastoral style, romantic French style and so on.

Introduce You To The Knowledge Of Antique Table Lights As Decorative Lights

I. Selecting a green antique table lamp can bring the following decorative benefits:

1, fresh and natural: green lamps on the overall decoration, its soft green light appears the whole room more with a fresh sense of art.
At the same time, green is a representative color of nature, so the green light decoration of the room more fresh and elegant.

2, relax the vision: antique table lamp choose green, its green light can bring a feeling of relaxation, so choose green decoration of the whole room, to give people a real visual relaxation.

3, casual elegant: antique table lamp classical flavor, and its green lighting match, just can bring more atmosphere and elegance.Therefore, the choice of green antique lamp, can bring very good aesthetic decoration effect.

In addition to the green antique table lamp, there is a very similar to the green antique table lamp decoration lamp, it is Chinese antique lamp, this kind of decoration is more beautiful, because it belongs to the creative decorative lights more classic a lamp, so very popular with people.

Introduce You To The Knowledge Of Antique Table Lights As Decorative Lights

II. Antique table lamps in Chinese style and price

1, Chinese antique lamp features

Antique table lamp according to decorative style, can be divided into a variety of types, including Chinese style antique table lamp, is a decorative lamp with a classical flavor, which combines the romantic style of classical style with the traditional charm of Chinese style.Then the Chinese style antique table lamp, which has a more flavor.

2, Chinese antique lamp price

Chinese antique table lamp price, according to the use of different functions, and then antique table lamp to choose Chinese style, the price is also different above.
At present, Chinese benchlamps are mainly used for reading and decoration, the price is generally around 150-380.

(1) Chinese reading table lamp: 180 yuan or so
Light body shape simple and light, refers to the special use of reading and writing table lamp, this kind of lamp can generally adjust the height of the lamp pole, the direction of light and brightness, mainly lighting reading function.
(2) Chinese decorative table lamp: about 350 yuan Chinese decorative table appearance luxury, and materials and styles, the structure of the lamp complex, used to decorate the space effect, decorative function and lighting function is equally important. From the above can be seen antique Chinese tablelamp price, according to the application of different, the price is not the same above.

The above introduced price is for reference only, the specific antique table lamp Chinese price needs to be based on the actual purchase of table lamps to see! The above introduced two different types but similar styles of decorative lights, I believe you now have a certain understanding of decorative lights .

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